Join CICC as Professional Members, we’re opening Career Opportunities for positions:

  1. Executive Board Members – 7 positions in every HQ or Commercial Branch
  2. Commissioners
  3. Advisory Board Members

General Terms and Conditions of CICC Recruitment:

  1. Before applying, please understand that CICC gives you an excellent career opportunity plus handsome income earning source. You will be eligible for the fixed monthly salary, subject to the achievement of the given targets.
  2. This is a remote positions, so if the targets are achieved you within three months, you will be given an chance (Not Obligatory) to select to get transferred in MHQ or in UAE/EU/ASIA/AFRICA/USA – HQs / Commercial Branches, which includes : Regular Appointment, Residency Benefits, Extra Bonuses, etc.
  3. For the Commissioners & Advisory Board Members, the payment will be on the profit sharing and reward system basis and as disclosed in the MOU.
  4. The candidates have to apply online through CICC’s Official website by submitted CV/Resume OR can be sent by an email to:
  5. The candidates have to book “Career Introduction on zoom” through CICC Official Website according to the schedule available in the calendar. During zoom introduction, the video camera must be on and in the working condition.
  6. Selected candidates will get Job Description and Job Offer or Agreement which are to be signed, then have to send by an email to CICC – HR Department along with passport copy or National ID latest in seven days period.
  7. Upon signing of the Job Offer or Agreement, selected candidate will be called for the one-to-one interview on zoom platform as per the schedule given by CICC – HR Department.
  8. Selected candidates in Executive role have to sponsor one Executive Membership* every year. Also, they have to pay Nomination fees of EUR 500 (Non Refundable) for the Assembly Membership of any our HQs or Commercial Branches once their appointment is confirmed.
  9. The selected candidates of Commissioner & Advisory Board, every member have to sponsor one Non-Executive (Advisory) Board Membership* in a year and have to pay Nomination fees of EUR 500 (Non Refundable) once their appointment is confirmed.
  10. The selected candidates for the post of Executive role are required to attend CICC Pre-launching Executive Meetings in Dubai or other countries, according to CICC’s Events Agenda.
  11. The required documentation, Certificates, and Work assignments will be given according to the applicable roles & responsibilities, after the completion of all process of recruitment by HR Department.

Note for Executive Role:
• Every Executive position offered in CICC is on the Entrepreneurship based, which means there is no fixed monthly salary but purely on the performance based earnings.
• All the extra fringe benefits/rewards will be based on the given assignments & profit sharing as disclosed in the signed MOU.
• To be a part of CICC Global Executive Network, you will have to sponsor one Strategic Partner or Professional Member in a year.
• Executive Board Member is required organize and host minimum one event in a year (Conference or Fair) in their respective countries, and will be exempted to sponsor the Executive Membership for EUR 5,000.

To apply for one of opening position above, please complete the following “Career Opportunities Application Form” and please book “CICC Career Introduction” via zoom according to available schedule in our calendar.
*by sending the Job Application, candidates agreed to follow all term and conditions.


NOTE : Please send a copy of your CV/Resume by email: and book for zoom introduction (below) by click the date & time available, the link will be sent automatically to your email.