CICC Tour and Travel Agencies, Airlines, Hotel Management, Tourism Centers, Investment Center in Dubai (UAE), Training Centers, JV with Educational Institutions : Universities & Colleges, IT Centers, Gold Mining Board, Mining – South Africa, Gold Mining – West Africa, Market Research Worldwide : Investment 2024- 2030, Representative Offices – Open to Give Exclusivities, Microfinancing Banks Worldwide, Central Bank & CICC International Investment Bank, Health Care : Hospitals and Clinics Worldwide, Consultancy Offices, Legal Centers : Lawyer Offices, Due Diligence Agency, General Trading Centers, Factory : Manufacturers, Production Lines and Processing, Film City, Artist Association & Art Promotions, Joint Ventures, Restaurant Chain, Food Courts, Hotel Chain, International Exhibition Centers, Foreign Currency Exchange, Instant Transfer Worldwide, Project Feasibility Study : Expert Team, International Investment Fund, Free Economic Zones, EPC Construction Company, Day to Day Discount Centers, Wholesale & Retail Centers, Hypermarkets Chain, Brand Name, Supermarket Chain, Stocks Centers, Megamalls, Trade Centers, Shipping & Cargo Company, Aviation, Real Estate, Investment for Renewable Energy, International Charity Organization, International Innovative Centers, Private Security Agency, Technical Job Training Centers, Auto Saloons, Crypto Currency Platform, Online Trade Platform, Online Investment Platform, Bank Instruments Providers, Chambers of Commerce, Stock Exchange Center, Smart Cities, Bio Foods Farms, Agriculture & Corporation, Bright Multi Culture Initiatives, Health Care Online Seminars, Career Seminars, Textile Distribution Centers, Food Products Distribution Centers, Commodities Distribution Center, Petroleum Products Distribution Center, Oil Refinery Partnerships, Hospitality Centers, Fitness & Yoga Centers, Investment Relocation Agency, Digital Medias, TV Chanel, Sport Federations, Sport Clubs & Campaigns, Music Production, Ski Centers, Startups Financing, Online Buy & Sell Market.

CICC is working with two pillars :

  1. CICC as International Non-Profit Organization for ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.
  2. CICC as Commercial Branches, creating group of companies covering general trading, international banking, and investment in various sectors.

We have already opening HQs & Commercial Branches in: UNITED KINGDOM, ALBANIA, CANADA, THAILAND, COSTA RICA, INDIA, UAE, GHANA, KOSOVO, INDONESIA, AUSTRIA, USA, and in process of 30+ countries.

We have Board of Investors, Board of Gold Miners and other Departments too. Our investors plan to invest through CICC in several countries, where we will establish our Offices.

In this year 2024, we have successfully completed projects of Factories in India, Real Estate and Hotel Management in UAE, and CICC Blockchain Platform with value of over 200 Million USD [March-April 2024]. And approved Projects by Investors Group in CICC Portfolio to exceed 30 Billion USD, and foreseen to be completed by end of year 2030.